Spoken English and Pronunciation

“How we speak can bring ruin to many or can bring Life to some”.
Language clothes our thoughts. Language is the means of getting an idea from one’s brain into another’s without surgery in normal circumstances. Today, the English language has opened many windows to the World. This course helps to develop your Vocal muscles and linguistic skills in a way that shatters all barriers and enhances your confidence.


Effective Communication

Communication is a part of our Life, to sustain relationships, to get what we think we need and want. In this course we identify and discuss possible barriers in communication process, then understand the communication process as a whole in detail. Finally, develop better communication skills by exploring unique ways of removing barriers and making communication effective.

effective communication

Effective listening and comprehension techniques

Today Researches extensively point out that effective listening and comprehension has far more consequential effects than perceived. The success of one’s life depends on the ability to listen and accurately comprehend any communication. However comprehension skill depends on the listener’s attitude, experience, knowledge, culture, upbringing etc. which changes every individual’s perception. This makes it necessary to develop these basic skills to have more enriched and fulfilling experiences in life and outstanding success in any field.

effective listening & cpomphrehension techniq


Every individual is unique and as leaders. It is imperative to identify what motivates every individual in your team. This course helps you to identify various global theories on Motivation and how these can help us identify and facilitate improved individual, team or organization performances by accurately identifying there Motivational factor.


Creative Thinking

The most sought out talent by any organization is the individual’s ability to give birth to Novel and unique ideas through creative thought process. This course will enable you to develop the creative thinking process and dispel any myths that creative genius are born and not made. We would assist in providing different techniques and tools which will enable you to develop and enhance this skill.

creative thinking

Learning Styles and their Adaptations

Everyone is born with a unique intelligence. Researches have shown that traditional ways of evaluating and learning are not 100% effective. Unique intelligence requires unique methods of learning styles and if any individual wants to excel in his or her career then it is important to identify one’s learning styles and adapt to them accordingly. This course is intended for those who want to be effective learners and trainers/teachers.

learning style

Strategic Planning

This course on Strategic planning helps you to lay a clear roadmap for organizing any project in life. With clear guidelines it helps individuals, employees and leadership teams to see the bigger picture and make a coordinated effort to achieve their objectives effectively in an organized professional approach.

strategic planning

Stress Management

The Energy to complete any task comes from our body and that is limited. Present day challenges test our limits and sometimes unrestrained stress can lead to complete collapse or ineffective non creative outcomes. This course helps you to identify, understand, manage and cope with stress.

Time Management

This course helps you to identify your priorities, avoid deviation, manage time to maximize outputs and reduce stress.

stress management in workplace

Public Speaking

There is nothing like oratory. It is a skill that can turn a commoner into a king. The ability to speak in front of an audience is considered as a sign of Self-confidence. This Course intends to enhance your Self Confidence while presenting your views by introducing you to years of tested and proved methods of improving public speaking skill.

public speaking

Effective Team Work / Team Building / Coordination

Today we know what an individual can achieve is nothing compared to what he can achieve through coordinated team work. No matter how smart, talented, driven, or passionate a leader is, the success of your team depends on effective coordination within the team, done by each team member who can understand and accomplish his role within the team effectively. This training will help you develop the skills in building a team spirit, coordinating and eventually becoming a good team player.

team work

Group discussion

Presently all Competitive exams and leadership positions require good Group Discussion skills. This Skill helps to identify potentials within a group. Typically those that excel in Group discussion are good at attending to tasks, sharing values, creating an open environment, and developing trust. Groups that are effective realize the benefits of group work, such as generating creative ideas, sharing problems, developing innovative solutions, and decreased time to find solutions through coordinated efforts. This course will help you develop a strategic approach to excel in Group Discussions.


Interview skills and tips

This Course prepares you for a Global level competition that awaits you in the future. The do’s and don’ts, guidelines which can make your interview a success.

Improving memory

This Course will help you understand how human brain works to retain memory and how by utilizing the latest research techniques we can improve our recollection through constant practice of these techniques.


Body language

This course prepares you for the most primitive and Primary mode of language – Body Language. Instinctively we make our first impression basis the body language of a person as it might be reflective of one’s inner most thoughts. This course helps you to break some myths and establish sound approach to make your communication effective basis the surrounding.

body languages

Dressing codes

This Course will help you to identify the purpose of dress code, and guide you to different norms practiced for different prominent occasions, and give you a fare understanding of the reasons behind them.

dressing code

Business etiquette

This course will guide you through the basics of Formal and Informal modes of communication. How to make conversations using rules of business etiquette.

A group of specialized trainers will walk you through the specifics of MNC culture training and Call Center training, with tips on how to manage MNC clients, Organizing and leading high level conference calls and meetings.

business etuquette

Selling Skills

This Course intends to take you through the journey of identifying the best approaches you can develop, customized to your style of communication, for selling products. It takes you through most important aspect of Rapport Building, Developing Emphatic listening skill resulting in improved CSAT scores and sales figure. It also gives an awareness around the Curb Stone technique for giving sales feedback.


IELTs Preparation

Aspiring students wanting to enroll in universities and higher studies have an opportunity to prepare for your Language skills to help you get where you want to be.

MS Office

This Course offers the following levels of expertise: Basic level: Familiarity with overall functions and uses of Excel Intermediate Level: Formula development, graphs, formatting techniques Advance Level: Basics of Macro programming, in depth Pivot table uses and projects


Train the Trainer/Teacher (TTT)

This Course specifically relates to those aspiring to form a career in training field. This course certifies you on varies modes of training delivery as required for a MNC trainer.

IELTs Preparation

Aspiring students wanting to enroll in universities and higher studies have an opportunity to prepare for your Language skills to help you get where you want to be.

train the trainer

Marketing and Sales

Continuous Improvement and Innovation to help capture the competitive market and be ahead of competition and come up with SMART goals and achieve them to be ahead in the constantly changing market environment and growing and changing economic demand

marketing and sals

Behavior Management or Interpersonal Skills

In an environment where there are colleagues and leaders who come from different ethnicities, it occasionally becomes challenging to have perfect coordination without a fare understanding of basic Behavioral aspects and necessary Interpersonal skills within an organizational group. This course intends to achieve this goal by creating awareness and providing common grounds to develop an organizational behavior.

behaviour skills